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iPhone migration

iPhone disconnected from wifi during my Netflix movie. Good thing is that transition to let was seamless. Unfortunately it also used 900mb of my data. I missed my windows phone…as this would be prevented.

Another thing… I have to remember to charge battery daily… I charge my 1520 every 2-3 days

iPhone 5s is small enough that it is like a small gadget. Not a large gadget.

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Migration back to iPhone

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to switch back to iPhone (5s) for a while. I got most of the migration done, the only few things I am missing, keyboard, large screen, back button, the other features I can temporary live with for now…

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First App on Windows Phone 8.1

Ever Wish there’s an app that store where you are so you can come back later?

This app does exactly that. When you launch the app, it automatically shows your current location and stores it in the ‘recent’ page. Recent page stores up to 10 of the most recent locations. If you want to save a specific location, simply touch the ‘save’ button to save the location to the ‘saved’ page

accuracy is set to 1 meters, but pending your phone’s GPS accuracy. This app does not run in the background nor does it use additional resources. It keeps your privacy and never shares it with anyone. This app is free of ads.

Feel free to contact me for suggestions

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TapRhythm Submitted!

Ever been in a situation where you remember the Rhythm of the song, but cannot remember song’s name? Well this is the app for you! 


Just tap the Rhythms and see the smart owl work! 


NOTE: Try to experiment with common folk songs such as “Jingle Bell” or “Mary had a Little Lamb” first to get the hang of it 


Even though the owl is smart, it is constantly learning. Please help owl learn! Owl is constantly deciding between accuracy and flexibility for error. If owl didn’t work as well, try a few times and let us know your experience. We’ll try to make it better! Thanks!

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Pleasant Surprise

Got this review for Little Things:

App version 1.0
Galaxy S II (SPH-D710)
Phil Hawley on Apr 2, 2013 at 12:34 AM
Little Things I’m actually going to give this app a five star rating because it’s out here to make you feel better and it does just that!

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Battery Depletion Timer


Got a back up battery? What to check if the battery is defective? Run the app and compare the “Last Battery Depletion Time”!

This app was created for the user in mind. Many times people buy an after market (non-default factory) battery and wonders how much worse is this compare to the original one. This is the app for that!

Instruction: (Make sure you follow the setup instructions)
1) Fully charge battery to 100% (else you will not be allowed to start)
2) Turn device to Airplane mode
3) Set Brightness to Max (Settings->Display)
4) Unplug charger and click start, leave the device until it runs out of battery (time depends on your battery size)
5) Charge device, reboot and restart app, you should have the battery depletion time
Note: when current run is completed, last run data is gone

This app contains no ads and available free!

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