What’s that Dish (Japanese)

Ever been to a foreign restaurant and have difficulty deciphering the menu?

Ever got stuck in the situation of having a mental image of the dish you want to eat, but couldn’t remember the name?

Ever want to try to impress someone by taking them to eat something as exotic as Japanese cuisine?

Well, look no further, this is the solution for you!

“What’s that Japanese Dish” is a simple App that either:
1) you know the name of the dish (perhaps from the Menu), but doesn’t know what the dish looks like, or
2) you have the mental image of the dish, but can’t seem to recall the name.

It has 14 categories and hundreds of Japanese dishes. What are you waiting for?

Instruction is simple:
1. Find the Desired Dish using the expandable list
2. Select the Dish, Corresponding Image should be shown.

Alternatively, you can scroll left or right, touch the image to see its name.

Feel free to leave comments. Also, leave comments if you like the app and wants to try other cuisine. Let me know what it is so I can prioritize which cuisine I should focus on next. Thank you very much.

I’ll try to add more dishes in the future.

Almost finished… Once I got registration and ads done, it’ll be freely available.

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