Easy Sound Recorder


Simple, Easy, Quick Sound Recorder.
1. When application launch/start, it automatically take you to recording screen
2. Once recording is completed/done, click “Use this recording” to save (This will take you back to the main screen with record, play, playlist icons)
Main Screen Usage:
-Click Record button to record another clip
-Click Play button to play last recorded clip
-Click Playlist button to take you to your “My recordings”
-Automatically launches upon start
-Has recording, time duration, and volume indicator
-Can preform instant playback or discard the recording
-Close integration with Music App that your recording will instantly appear on music’s playlist as “My recordings”
Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, thanks!
NOTE: This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen. It does NOT contain malware!
NOTE: This app might not work on Samsung Droid Charge or any device that remove some default APIs support. The application will just exit
Note: I just realized the differentiation I provided in this app doesn’t work well with Jelly Bean 😦

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