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  1. Johan S. Wibye says:

    Hello there
    I just installed your Advanced Battery Status. Nice app – tells me status – not some linear result. Thats fine!
    BUT – if you had added the actual voltage in numers, say a new line below Battry status – that would make your app a whole lot better – not having to try to find it through the graph..
    Does this sound reasonable to you as well??
    Have a nice day – an kind rgs from Norway

    • alienroid says:

      Hi, Thanks for the input!

      Sorry for not get back to you for such a long time. The point of the app was to inform manufacturers that they should not use voltage to count battery life. this is due to battery discharge at different rate at different voltages. The OS tells you voltages by default if you call the APIs. I work in the mobile industry and has convinced several OEMs to update their battery counting mechanism. So this app is less useful now.

  2. Hi, i was wondering if you could help, Im reaching out because I saw your recorder app for kindle fire. I have a kids karaoke app that we ported over for the kindle fire from android and the audio recording quality is just awful. its muffled and very lo-fi.
    We have tried mp3 as well as 3gp and they both sound the same. It seems like there is some default codec or low resolution compression happening.
    Did you guys experience this? any idea how to have the app record at high quality?
    any help would be hugely appreciated.

    I’m testing on a 7 inch HD fire.

    Jonny Macintosh

    • alienroid says:

      I didn’t test on kindle fire hd. Do you see my recorder sounded better than your implementation? If both are not up to bar, check your hardware, clean up mic area. If mine sounded better, you can refer to mediaplayer

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