Updated Advanced Battery / Advanced Battery Pro

Change list:
Release 4, Version 2.0 updates:
– In Gather Battery Info screen, it will automatically set device to NOT SLEEP (while in this screen). This should address Android 4.x.x when max sleep was only 10 minutes (previously had an option to never sleep).
– In Gather Battery Info screen, it can start sampling as long battery status reports as 100% (previous builds requires battery to go up to 4200mV
– Added Special Thanks 🙂

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Little Things


Feeling down? This App surely will cheer you up!

Close to 1000 little things that makes us happy… Shouldn’t you be happy already?

[From developer] : I was feeling down and figured out a way to cheer myself up. Hopefully this app will do the same for you!

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Box Draw


Got artistic creativity? Given colors, boxes, it’s all up to you to make amazing art!

Additional Feature:
– Save to SD card and add to Gallery
– Share to Facebook
– Two sizes of box sizes
– Grid on/off

Internet for Facebook
External storage for saving photo to SD card/ Photo Gallery

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DIY Band


Want to make your own band? With this App, you CAN! This APP is especially useful for kids who wants to try music without the burden of getting all the instruments

– Comes with several default instruments such as MusicBox (Xylophone), Guitar, Church Bell, Grand Piano, Drumkit
– Make your own instrument (Mix and match the sounds to make your own instruments)
– Supports multi-touch (NOTE: depends on how many your device’s hardware supports… typically smartphone supports 2-4 multitouch. Tablets supports 4-10 touches)
– Supports swiping action


– Updated graphics
– Save Custom Instruments
– Create your own instrument with your own recordings
– Add new sounds

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Memory Game


Classic Memory Game!

One of the best way to train your memory – by playing the memory game!

Game rule:
1) Press ‘Play’, a set of sequence will be played to you
2) Press the correct sequence to move up to the next level

Enjoy the Challenges! (and the funny sounds!)

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Advanced Battery app launched!



Find Android Smartphones with poor battery Life?
Find Battery Status Unreliable in representing actual battery life?
Every wonder why when device warns about low battery (around 10-15%), your device often shuts down within next few minutes?

Well, you are not alone, in fact, you are correct that Android Smartphones are poor in representing battery status.
Most of the Li-Ion Battery driver works between 4.2V to 3.4V and sample linearly. However, Li-Ion’s discharge is non-linear (as show in the app).

This App samples battery discharge rate and give user a much better representation of the battery life.

-Methodology section explains the issue.
-Gather battery info section samples the battery status (takes roughly 4-12 hours depends on your battery size). Check data collected to understand the mapping.
-Start Test section shows the current battery level as well as other battery information. NOTE: PRO version gives 2 decimal precision which can be purchased.

KEY FEATURE: Since the battery discharge is calculated over time. The discharge from 98% to 96% and discharge from 50% to 48% is roughly the same! This makes power comparison between feature enabled/disabled possible!

Hopefully, with more accurate battery status, you can make better judgement in using your Android Smartphone.

NOTE: This is a tool for app/platform developers/users who cares about power. Please rate the app only if you are an expert and know what you are talking about. Also, this app is free without ads. If you are interested in power testing, try PRO edition. Thanks

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Ez Reminders


Ez Reminders – built with the best UX Google Guidelines has to offer.
Like iOS’ Reminder App (better than iOS!)
– Can create multiple lists: “To Do”, “Reminders”, …
– Can create tons of entries to each list
– Each entries can have own details (priority, notes, reminders)
– “Remind Me On” feature: integrated with device’s Calendar App
– Upcoming entries
– Completed entries
Advanced Instructions:
– slide to delete
– long press to edit

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